Excuse my ugly handwriting. Hi! This is my first ever follow forever. These are the blogs I usually reblog from and some of them are the bloggers I usually talk to:

1summersday  ■  anzure  ■  charismadoll  ■  chocolat-ii  ■  chunggyeok  ■  dia-dem  ■  fantastie  ■  flirtae  ■  hajihyun  ■  happiness-is-on-its-way  ■  hhotaru  ■  hobakjeon  ■  hon-ii  ■  janini  ■  kinoku  ■  kyuu-tea  ■  lovely-tunes  ■  melancholylove  ■  pinnocheo  ■  phuonguyenx3  ■  rainingteadrops  ■  seoulcitydreams  ■  seoul-lollipops  ■  seoulobsession  ■  simpatie  ■  sominies  ■  sooyuaai  ■  utekii  ■  uusan ■  welove-kimchi  ■  yainu  ■  yisoa  ■  yummmiiee

Thank you for  filling up my dashboard with your lovely posts and making my experience amazing! Thank you to all my followers as well. Ily all <333

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Hello! Hehehe these are some of my favourite blogs that I enjoy checking up on every now and then; whether it be daily or once every month ^^

Thank you for making my dashboard so lively and amazing! (/^▽^)/ Alot of these kfashion/photography blogs are wonderful editors too, so please check out their blogs! :’) You can also check my blogroll  here

And thank you so much to my lovely followers; really, each one of you ~ asd;lkfdg’;lsad;lfg ;A; you guys are all so perf <333 

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Hi so I haven’t done one of these in awhile and now that its summer (i have a lot of freetime huhuh) i decided to make one! I just want to thank my followers for sticking w/ me and liking my n00by edits <3 i feel like tumblr has helped me become a lot more open as a person and confident but not bc the site but bc my followers were always so nice to me and some wanted to be my friend! lul i made a lot of friends on here tht im so glad to have met and i want to thank them~ I also want to thank all blogs i follow for keeping my dashboard beautiful with fashion and thm cute korean men! lol i love you all<3 and have a great summer!

Below are blogs that inspired me to start editing and the blogs i lab! Also a few of them are the people ive grown close to thru tumblr! 

K-Fashion Blogs:

Kangyaru // Hobakjeon // Pinktokki // Tiramisu-Tea // Kyuu-Tea // Hhotaru // Simpatie // Milktea-dreams // phuonguyenx3 // 1summersday // Amai-Tea // Kaneto // Anzure // Flirtae // bubble-tea // melancholylove // chickabiddy // doriimer // Gongjjoo // -chiish // ryeou // electroheart // liliest // Lovely-Tunes // Gureums // puremia // toukie // poppiish // pokioro // raineu // usotsukii // uusan // utekii // aegchu // charismadoll // orientalfashion // sooyuaai // 


cinnahearts // Yumoirs

Hope ur summer is amazing!



hi my lovelies, do you guys like my baekhyun’s edit? <3 hahah i was gonna use my jessica’s but since he’s killing me lately so lets jus stick with this cutiepatootie<3. lmao okay i’m going off topic but anyways, i know it’s a bit late but since june is my birthday month so i thought doing a follow forever wouldn’t be too bad. anyways, i jus wanna show some appreciation to the blogs i’ve been following since i joined tumblr and the cute blogs i recently followed, thank you for keeping my dashboard entertained and beautiful <3 you guys are wonderfully amazing bloggers ♥ and to my precious followers, you guys are as amazing and wonderful as baekhyun okay lol <3, thank you for sticking with me even though my blog lacks so many things, i love you all


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Hey guys! I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d make one today. Everyone, please check out all these lovely blogs that make my dashboard as gorgeous as it is : 

k-kokoro | yuxuee | 1summersday | nyeong | abidings | gongjjoo 

gureums | hhotaru | fantastie | theonlyju | pinktokki | xinzui

molangg | desu-lzzang | s-eoulwings | hiirajae | raineol

anzure | tiramisu-tea | charismadoll | uusan | aegchu | baobeiii | r-i-k-a

** I apologize for any mistake, I tried to do this as fast as I could b/c I’m busy with my ap/sat/act exams.  Also, im sorry if you’re not in it. But once I’m done with all of my exams, I’m gunna be making more and you might be in it!**

Check them all out. They’re all amazing. And I assure you that you won’t regret it <333


omf hi guys how are you hav you had ice cream lately how are you all. okay so i haven’t made a follow post in a while and i originally had planned to make one in february because of my birthday but then i got lazy lol whoops but i finally made one three months later otl

i just want to say thank you to the people i follow, and especially my followers as well, because they have made tumblr very special for me. i enjoy getting the rare messages i do get, and i have also made a couple very important friends on here as well (though i only have like two friends bcos antisocial yenno) well anyways i did reach a new goal actually quite a while ago, but each day i wake up to find more new, wonderful followers, and that means a lot to me knowing that people like the things i post on here. i enjoy being on tumblr because of all of you ~

well onto the blogs lol i’m gonna try and categorize them which is something i’ve never done before so forgive me if i categorize you incorrectly or smth lol. i’ve included literally everyone i follow (except for one blog that has been inactive for a while) and yeah there’s not a lot because i’m extremely picky and only follow 42 blogs ;__;

so thank you all for making my dashboard and blog so pretty every day u_u

asian fashion

frequent editors (post edits quite often)

casual editors (post edits on a slower basis)

rare editors (you see few/none edits on their blog)


(feizls, c-ulzzangs, net idols, etc)


(cute things like plushies, food, etc)


kfashion with photography (rarely blog other posts)

blogs with more of a ‘personal touch’ (post some kfashion as well as kpop and other posts)


i am also always looking for more blogs to follow, so please like this post IF you post asian fashion or photography and i will check out your blog ^^

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hi my beautiful angels,

i’ve been having a good week so i decide to make a follow forever, yayy :3 LOL. and i’m just loving the jessica photoshoots /dies x__x <3 LOL but in all seriousness, it is a new season so i just wanted to say thank you to all the beautiful blogs i’ve been following for keeping my dashboard beautiful and entertaining ♥ and ofc to my followers, i love you guys ok so pls talk to me more cuhs i have something planned for you guys that is coming pretty soon so pls wait for it :) HAHAH asjkfhakjks ♡


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